Where have I been?

Well…..I hope the following images will be able to explain the happenings in my life these past few months!! I am so excited for the continuation of kickin cuisine and all that comes with it! From new posts concentrating on delicious food, nutritional tips & recipes, guest posts from a chef who is near and dear to my heart, training exercises, and workouts to help all kinds of folks, I am looking forward to the coming months!

So here’s to food, fitness and fun from kickin cuisine!!! 🙂

Now for the main event…the recent happenings!!

Getting married July 9th

Honeymooning in the Florida Keys!


Mahi Mahi from our honeymoon

Shrimp Rosada from our honeymoon

Hogs Fish-Only found in the Bahamas & the Keys = the most buttery and delicious fish I have EVER tasted!

Garlic Shrimp and Pasta-tailgating favorite…recipe to come

Sweet Sausage & Basil Pasta


my rekindled romance with my new bike

forever a passion…

still kickin it!!!!!

Soo very excited to be back and I am pumped to share with you all!! Thank you!



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