About Kickin’ Cuisine

Hi there! I am Amanda and welcome to Kickin’ Cuisine!  I am just an Iowa girl who loves working towards a healthy lifestyle through eating well, exercising regularly, and just being me which works to achieve all my goals after just graduating from college!  Healthy living has always been a passion for me, and through my degree in Movement and Exercise Science, I realized that helping people get healthy and fit is something I love doing!  After working at a workout facility the last few months I have been able to really use my studies and apply them by helping people reach their health and fitness goals.

This is where the kickin’ comes in! I am a kickboxing instructor at my local facility and have been loving it ever since I started! I try and achieve my fitness level with every workout and hope that all the participants do the same! I also enjoy doing lots of different activities from running, yoga, spinning, swimming, biking,resistance training…the list goes on & on, but I continue to strive to get to the best physical and mental shape of my life!

Cuisine is the ultimate reward in my life.  Eating well with some guilty pleasures is my philosophy and I continue to try new and exciting things! With all the wonderful resources and flavors here in Iowa I am able to find a wide variety of foods to make for any meal!   I have a mix of old recipes from my family and friends, as well as ones I pick up along the way. I love to cook not only for myself but for others (my husband is the best eater of them all!) and I get a thrill when someone eats a dish I have prepared.

I hope you enjoy my page! Feel free to browse my recipe section as it becomes updated more frequently!


2 Responses to About Kickin’ Cuisine

  1. Steve says:

    This is a very cool blog. I’ll be looking forward to more info. Nice job!

  2. The Teenage Taste says:

    I think your food philosophy is spot on. Everyone has the right to indulge occasionally!

    That is so cool that you are a kickboxing instructor. Kickboxing looks so bad ass – Haha! I’ve always wanted to try it! 😀

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